Progress: priest, midsummer festival

Last night I ran LFR the second wing, and by luck I got RIGHT into the fourth boss. Also, by luck, all the other healers were uber-geared druids and shamans that already have heroic Ti’tahk. So of course it dropped and I got it. His iLevel is up to 378 now. Somehow I’m not complaining the fact that I got it right after I enchanted my previous weapon. I think it was an acceptable loss.

And now, today is the first day of midsummer festival. It is also the second day of summer solstice and heat wave. I can’t wait to spend most of this weekend doing event activities. I haven’t thoroughly read the guides, but my impressions are:

  • Bonfires around Azeroth and Outland. Each should award a sizable chunk of XP. It should help my rogue ding to 85 a bit faster
  • Level 353 2h-staff for casters. Right now all my casters have RF-level weapons, so this would be of no use for me. But it’s just so pretty. Maybe I’ll use it for transmogrification.
  • Level 353 cloak for all specs. Right now, upon dinging 85, you can do the Thrall quest line and get a 365 cloak. The thing is, it’s LONG and BORING, all of them.
  • Getting burning blossom tokens that you can exchange for a pet. Note that I only care about pets since they’ll be sellable in Pandaria.


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