Progress: new gears from this weekend

My priest got T13 Raid Finder gloves and Seal of the Seven Signs which brought his average iLevel to 376.

My DK got Resolve of the Undying. I’ve become more and more comfortable tanking RF by myself (as in, without a trusted friend as a duo-tank partner). Of course there are still noob moments where in Madness I didn’t tank the Elementium Terrors inside the bubble, but that’s because I couldn’t find the bubble amidst sixty billion flashy spell effects and all pets coming out at the same time.

Also noob moment: forgetting that I have Army of the Dead. Give me a break, I haven’t played my DK in two months.

Progress: Priest getting some gears

My priest (Elang) picked up some shiny drops from Hour of Twilight heroics, and also finally completed the last quest in the escort chain. With that, his iLevel rose to 371. As we speak, I’m bidding on a new 378 sandals that I hope can push his iLevel over 372, so that he can start running some LFR

Just Saying Hello

This is the first post I’ve made in this blog, and frankly I don’t know what to say. What do people say in these posts anyway? I guess I’ll start by introducing myself and my playing history.

I’m Nyold, and I’ve been playing WoW since launch. I originally didn’t have a concept of alts, but rather I just played a mage day in and day out, until he hits 60, started pugging Blackrock Spires and almost joined a casual raiding guild. I stopped playing in 2005-2008, and came back shortly before Wrath hit. This time, I started a warlock and raided semi-competitively up until Ulduar, including hard modes. However, I got burned out quickly and considered stopping again before I found what the problem was: I’m easily bored, even within a game. I need to play a lot of characters at once. Being an expert in one aspect of the game is not my cup of tea, but I enjoy trying different parts of the game and trying each of them to a non-trivial degree. Obviously, I’m an Explorer, not an Achiever.

Soon after, I found out about RAF program and the concept of multi-boxing. Since my machine could support running three instances of WoW, I thought why not, so I started tri-boxing. With that, gone were the last remnants of my free time and healthy social life. I leveled up countless characters whenever my busy schedule allows (which is not much), and after a while, I have more characters than I could keep track of in my head. I had to use external help (software-wise). I may need psychiatrist help too but that’s another issue.

Originally, I used google docs, spreadsheets, and what nots to keep track of my characters’ levels, next to-do list, crafting to-do / requests, shopping lists, who-has-which-recipes. And then I thought, if I’m gonna use online resources to manage this, why not blog about it as well. Even if no one reads it, at least this corner of the Web will commemorate and eternalize my own sense of character progression through the years.

With that being said, I’m going to start by listing my brag-roll inventory as of today. Note that I’m not going to post characters that are below level 70 because some of them are simply AH mules and spies that I sometimes use to scour the competition. All characters are on US-Proudmoore.


  • Gerana, level 85 night elf druid. Spec: restoration. Balance for questing. ILevel: 381.
  • Suroe, level 85 human death knight. Spec: blood. Unholy for questing. ILevel: 381.
  • Zarama, level 85 human mage. Spec: arcane. Frost for questing. ILevel: 378.
  • Elang, level 85 human priest. Spec: discipline. ILevel: 367.
  • Benume, level 84 night elf druid. Spec: feral (bear), feral (cat).
  • Delima, level 84 human rogue. Spec: combat.


  • Urumba, level 85 tauren shaman. Spec: restoration. Elemental for questing. ILevel: 377
  • Xarto, level 85 undead warlock. Spec: demonology. ILevel: 374
  • Velone, level 85 blood elf paladin. Spec: protection, holy. ILevel: 375 (holy), 373 (protection).
  • Harja, level 71 orc hunter. Spec: beast mastery
  • Yelna, level 70 blood elf priest. Spec: holy
  • Radum, level 70 tauren druid. Spec: restoration / balance.
  • Tugar, level 70 orc death knight. Spec: unholy.

Some questions that you might have:

Q: Why so many druids?

A: First I just wanted to experience both druid tanking and healing, but I think having them both in the same character is VERY confusing. I have protection and holy paladin gears all in one character and I have a hard time managing bag space and picking quest rewards. Also, druids are my go-to slave when multiboxing, I don’t know why.

Q: What are my goals? One alt of every class at max level? Of every race? Of every class-faction combination?

A: None really. I level up what I want to level up, I play what I want to play. If that causes my to have one character of every [insert category here], then great. I never level up with any sort of goal in mind. It’s just whatever I deem to be fun at the moment.