How to make class quests interesting

According to this breakfast topic discussion at WowInsider yesterday, a lot of commenters mentioned that they missed class-specific quests. I would agree. I remember leveling up my druid and working so hard to finally get that new form, or finally earn that new totem. It does feel like you’re growing significantly once you hit level 20, 30, 40, etc. I can see why they’re removed though. With the leveling up pace that’s so fast these days, hitting level 30 or 40 is not meant to be a big deal anymore. You’re supposed to press on a couple more days until you hit 60, and THEN that’s your big reward of going to Outland, if that can be considered a reward at all.

Another reason why they’re removed I think is Blizzard’s change of philosophy to make max level the new end game. Yes you still have to level up just because… I don’t know why actually. Maybe that’s another topic for another post. But the truth is, players and Blizzard both know that you can’t wait to get to level 85 / 90 as quickly as possible, so anything that hinders your progress (including withholding that totem / form from you) is not in line with their goal of getting you to max level as soon as possible.

However, with the rise of more customization, starting with availability of transmog technology, and a whole slew of vanity glyphs introduced in MoP, I can’t help but think, what if class quests are reintroduced with these vanity rewards in mind? Those quests are a great way to introduce lore. Not lore lore, but class lore, as in, you learn who you are as a druid / shaman / warrior, what you’re supposed to do and not. Class quests are a great way to make you feel like you’ve accomplished something meaningful and you’ve EARNED that new stance / form / pet. As a bonus, since the rewards are cosmetic in nature, you can brag and show that you’ve done it, which should serve as an added incentive to complete those quests.

The technology to do it is definitely there, as evidenced by Blizzard’s willingness to introduce the vanity glyph. I’m just going to offer some more suggestions as to what rewards can be offered for various classes for completing their class quests. Again, I haven’t looked at all the new spells in MoP, so I might be missing an obvious “duh” here. Suggestions and more ideas are always welcome.


I feel like this is the easiest. Introduce class quests to get a fiery flying mount. Maybe from Xoroth, maybe somewhere else. Introduce other quests to get an alternate gender demons (female imp, male succubus, female void walkers, etc). Introduce LONG quest chains to choose the color of your fire (green or yellow). This last one has been hinted as a possibility by Blizzard. This has been protested by players who want it now and easy. To them I say: if you want it, work for it. It’s not game breaking and it’s not mandatory by any means, so putting it behind a long quest chain is perfectly acceptable.

Other ideas for warlocks: give us more dummy buffs. Is it game breaking for PvP? Do people still cast unending breath to shield friends from enemy dispels? But if we get waterwalking or levitate as rewards from quests, I wouldn’t complain


Option to alter the appearance of your pet. Instead of water elemental, you can have frozen revenant and watery revenant. Conjure familiars should definitely be one of those quest rewards, and I’m dismayed why it’s given as a glyph. New polymorph forms. Another idea: a flying form, just like druid. Remember how Medivh used to transform himself to a crow? This could be made not game breaking if we don’t get insta-cast, and can’t herb/mine in it. Another idea: telekinesis, as in looting from a distance. If hunters get it then we should have it too.


Upgraded forms: instead of dire bear, you have angry badass dire bear. Instead of tiger, you can choose to be other cats: lynx, hyena, or any of the Mac OS names. Better yet, canine form: wolves and siberian huskies, with otherwise exact same abilities as cat forms. Instead of the usual flight form, you can choose to be hawks, eagles, ravens.

Astral form for moonkins should definitely be a quest reward as well. Alternating between tree forms / choose your own tree colors. When summoning treants, you can choose to summon wild animals instead. If this is popped together with hunter’s stampede, you officially get a zoo.


New or upgraded ascendance forms. You’ll get an armored earth elemental or something. Upgraded totem graphics and elemental shield graphics. Upgraded bloodlust / heroism icons, together with new sounds. This is similar to how some mages buy the Dalaran Brilliance spell.


I really can’t think of anything here, since the major tenet of being a rogue is stealth and invisibility. Working hard for a cosmetic reward just goes against that very grain. Maybe give them a spell that’s equivalent to the highest level first aid? So if they do the quest they don’t have to do first aid?


Shadowform in healing specs, “light” form, turn shadow orbs into ravens, etc. Hey if Archbishop whats-his-name can still look like a light-blessed priest while being totally evil, so can we. Lightfiend instead of shadowfiend.


Fetch items should have been one of those quest rewards. Extra stable slot? (for balance purpose, the 6th pet wouldn’t be summoned during stampede). Upgraded hunter’s mark graphics. Also, the new aspects glyph is really interesting. Maybe the quest would allow the pet to be permanent.

I don’t know if this would be game breaking or not, but an ability called “master training” that would allow hunters to change the school of a pet. Wolves can be trained to be tenacity and turtle can be ferocity. Is this already in game? I haven’t kept track of the news.

Death Knight

Redemptive form, allows death knights to be less scary and more paladin-like. Not popular? Hmm what else. Scary visage, envelops the death knight in undead energy that’s similar to priest shadowform?

More choices of pet forms: banshees, perma-gargoyle, rotface look-alike. Transmoggable frostmourne replica. Flying acherus mount. I know they sorta have it as dungeon rewards, but maybe give it a slightly different skin?


Shadowform, like a fallen paladin? You know Arthas was kinda evil but was still a paladin for a while and was able to “call upon” the Light moments after he stabbed Muradin? Water walking. Paladins sorta get a slow fall in MoP, but that should have been a quest reward as well. Flying angels as your guardian graphic, or even cast a spotlight over an area with radius 20 yards when guardian is active, just to show you have a divine favor on you. Flying paladin mount. Extra auras that are non game breaking, for example, increased walking speed similar to aspect of cheetah.


Upgraded statue graphics. Instead of Jade, you can choose it to be diamonds or ruby. When you’re doing an animal related move (crane kick, tiger palm), a likeness of that animal can appear as a brief visage over you, similar to how JinDo’s image appeared in that zandalari trailer movie.


Ok I confess I haven’t played warrior in 3 years, so I have nothing to offer here. Maybe add a loud grunt with each weapon strike? Audible to everyone but you?


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