Progress: new gear, gold sink mounts

After running a few rounds of LFR last night, my priest gets a headpiece that gets him 3/5 of T13, upping his iLevel to 378. My druid gets the legging for T13 which gets her the 4pc set bonus. Technically she has ALL of T13, although she’s not equipping the head piece since she has the level 397 valor one.

On the other news, the gold sink mounts are going to be account-bound, per this post. I’m conflicted whether the prices are going to go up or down, since on the one hand the value and usefulness of each item increased, but on the other hand, the demand would decrease. Only a few people are able to afford these kinds of mounts, and those who do usually don’t hold back to afford it on multiple characters. But who knows, maybe because it’s account-bound now, more people would be willing to shell out the gold, thus increasing demand.

At any rate, I’ve bought two alchemy mounts. Even if the price didn’t go up, I can always equip them on two of my accounts. If they do go up, maybe I’ll sell one for a nice profit, or I’ll sell both, depending on how greedy I feel at that moment. Either way, they’re dirt-cheap right now, costing only 25k each, considering that it costs 24k in vendor mats alone.

Progress: ding druid 85, inscription

My feral druid dinged 85 and after a few runs of heroics, completing this and that quest lines, buying JP gears, he is at gear level 349 now. I can’t wait until he hits 353 and can start running the new heroics. But for the time being, the zuls it is.

On the other news, my DK hits 525 inscription. Forged documents continue to be an easy gold maker (averaged around 15g profit every time). It’s not big money but you can’t argue with free.

Also, mysterious fortune cards continue to sell, albeit with a very thin profit. Maybe 2g per card if my calculations are correct. This is expected, as raiding dwindles down in this stage of the expansion, so does the main contributor of MFC’s demand: buff food that uses MFC as its main ingredient. Currently the profitability of MFC only hinges on the fact that blackfallow ink continues to be cheap, mostly because herbs are cheap as farmers try to unload the rest of their inventory. Those herbs are going to lose their main relevance in the next expansion.