Progress: priest, how to mess with life grip

Last night my priest got his T13 legs, the RF version. So now his iLevel is 377. Not bad for someone who just dinged less than a month ago. Of course he still has 3 pvp pieces, so that’s kinda cheating.

While running RF the first wing, I realized that now I have a spell that is in my action bar but never been used: Life Grip It’s very situational, and a new spell too, so I guess that’s why it hasn’t occurred to me to use it. Of course you can use it for good: to save your comrades from dying in the fire. But since last night’s RF was particularly bad, I wonder how you can use this spell to mess with someone.

  • In Morchok, you can life grip someone when he is running away from black goo. Grip him back to you so that he’s standing right in the middle of the goo. Oh would that make you standing in goo too? That’s okay because you can shield and heal yourself. Bonus points: your enemy annoying friend is most likely running away radially from Morchok. If I remember correctly, life grip does not change the momentum of the target. So after being life gripped, he is most likely still running in the same direction. If you life grip him such that he’s facing and running into stone walls, he’d need to change direction, back track, and then escape properly. He’d be dead by then.
  • I can’t think of anything to do in Warlord Zonozz, especially in LFR. Maybe if you want to wipe the raid, you can life grip the tank to a far-far away place but even then that’s not that catastrophic.
  • In Yorsahj, you can life grip one of the dpser who’s chasing the slime back to boss. It’s not gonna kill him, but it’s just for laughs.
  • In Hagara, you can totally kill someone with well-timed and well-positioned life grip right into the ice wall.
  • In Ultraxion: can’t think of anything
  • In Warmaster Blackhorn: you can life grip someone to various fire on the ground, especially the small fire when in LFR you’re not supposed to stand in. These won’t kill him but it would just mess him up.
  • In Spine: oh boy. For starters you can grip the amalgamation tank right into the tail area, so that amalgamation won’t explode near the neck. Remember, they can’t kick you in combat. Also, you can grip the amalgamation tank into an area full of blood corpses when the amalgamation is still near full health. That way, it’ll reach 9 stacks near full health, which is almost always a wipe, unless the rest of your healing team are uber (since you know, if you do decide to do this most likely you won’t be healing anyone either).
  • In Madness: you can grip anyone when they’re trying to jump the platform. This might lead to a bug where they’ll fall down and die. Even if not, at least they’ll be annoyed. Also, you can wipe the raid during the last platform by gripping the tank out of the bubble, so that he has to tank Elementium Terror without Nozdormu’s buff. Lastly, I haven’t seen this happen so this is just a conjecture. When the Mutated Corruption does Impale, it would find anyone within melee range with the highest threat. So if you grip the current tank at the second impale, the impale would then go to either the previous tank that already has 1 stack of debuff, or the highest melee dps, both of which are not likely to survive, or at least, time it well so that the other healers don’t have a chance to react to it.

Note: I’m not evil. I just sorta am, especially if I’m irritated.Warning: performing any of these can get you kicked from the LFR. Use with caution, or when you’re ready to leave anyway. Also remember, in general in life, don’t be a jerk. Do these only if they deserve it.